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Saturday, October 6, 2007
TVB 40th anni hype
translated by dee-lush

TVB held a lighting ceremony on Thursday, where the nominees for next month’s ‘TVB 40th Anniversary Award Ceremony’ were announced. This has sparked great interest amongst many people and so, an online forum has already set up polls for netizens to vote for who they think will win this year’s television crowns.

In the ‘Best Male Actor’ poll, Drive of Life actor, Raymond Lam is currently leading the way with Moses Chan following closely behind. As for the ‘Best Female Actress’, what has een predicted of ‘Susanna Kwan vs. Lee Sze Kei’ has been replaced with ‘Lee Sze Kei vs. Liza Wang"

Meanwhile, last year’s television ‘king and queen’ have failed to make it into the top three, with Kevin Cheng not having much votes and Charmaine Sheh trying to keep up at forth place. It is evident that the main focus of this year’s awards is the ‘television queen crown’. During the group photo at the lighting ceremony, all leading female actresses stood in the first line, with ‘big sisters’, Liza Wang and Dodo Cheng standing right in the center. With Lee Si Kei and Susanna Kwan at their sides.


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This year is TVB's 40th anniversary and to mark the beginning of the anniversary month, a grand lighting-up ceremony was filmed today at TVB City. The event was attended by TVB Chairman Sir Run Run Shaw.Sir Run Run, who is nearing his 100th birthday, was accompanied by Miss Hong Kong 2007 winners, Kayi Cheung and Lorretta Chow to flick the switch and open the celebrations. He seemed to be in good spirits and was keenly chatting away with masters of ceremonies Liza Wang and Carol Cheng , even giving Liza a demonstration of Qigong. Carol offered early birthday wishes to Sir Run Run during their conversation.At the same time, General Manager Stephen Chan led nearly a hundred artistes to hold a special press event, during which he announced the anniversary shows and events. They then joined together to raise a glass of champagne and cut the birthday cake before the categories and nominees for this year's anniversary awards were announced by some of last year's winners.


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