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Loved and adored by many, Liza has been frequently referred to as the "Idol, Queen & Goddess" of people's hearts. Liza entered her 40th year in the entertainment industry in 2007, but Liza is showing no signs of slowing down, instead she hopes to continue bringing joy and satisfaction to the audiences all over the world. She is truly a diva handmade in heaven.

Friday, February 29, 2008
Atlantic City Concert Detail (Part 3)

At this time, my memory of AC concert day 1 started to fade away. The only thing left that I want to report on the 1st night concert is Liza's "bare" incident. The whole thing started when she sang the song " 舊夢不需記". When the band started to play the music (seriously, when I was listening, I had no clue of what song that was), she knitted her brows and cast an unfriendly stare at members of the band who were playing the guitars (in other words, she just "bare ju them"). She was very focus on her stare for a little while and then finally recognized the music. It was a bit late. She needed to slide through the first few words to catch up. Later when Zaza changed her clothes and came back up with the green dress to sing "明成皇后", she gave a quick stare at the band again. This time, they didn't play it wrong, but they did play it too slow. It was obvious that Liza didn't like that (by her close-to-black face). She sang the song in a faster tune, not following the music at all. The outcome was...(N). Same thing happened again when Zaza sang "美麗娛樂世界". She needed to sing faster to hint the band to play faster. (I bet Zaza gave a long speech to them after the concert) The next day, this issue was resolved. It was perfect except "千王群英會". The band seemed to play it too fast that Liza "mo mutt air" to sing that song.

The report for the 1st night concert ends here. As I mentioned before, I didn't pay full attention to the first one. Therefore, I probably omitted some details. However, I took quite a bit of notes in the next day. The concert was much better and a lot more "fun" things happened. Report will be posted soon. ^-^ be continued.....

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Thursday, February 28, 2008
New Drama: Costume Fitting

Yay! Kwok Fung will be in it. ooo. Liza's hubby? hehe. I think they're quite cute together. David + Lisa Fang!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the cast include: Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Kiki Sheung, Evergreen Mak, Selena Li, etc.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Atlantic City Concert Detail (Part 2)

Liza je reappeared again with her bulky purple dress singing 楊門女將..songs songs songs. After a while, she took off her jacket and went down to grab her red pockets (probably her most favorite time in the entire show). As people were giving her red pockets, she shook hands with others as well as distributing souvenirs to the audience (a DVD disk). She only walked along the first row and yet, received a lot of red pockets. Well, Myolie, the next day, claimed that she received 60-ish in the 1st night; this may give you an idea on how many "lai shi" Zaza would have received. Not all the people actually gave money though, some just gave Zaza empty red pockets :P (how did I know? becoz Zaza in the 2nd day told audience not to give her empty pockets, "$1 doe ho". You know, she probably chose not to rest and opened up all her red pockets (N)).

Sometime during the show, Liza je's nephew Bruce went up to the stage to present flowers. Liza introduced her nephew a bit to the audience. She also asked Bruce to greet the audience, "Gong Hey Fa Choi, Lai Shi Dao Loy". Bruce greeted according to what Liza told him with strong ABC accent. In the end, Bruce went back down the stage and zaza said, "thank you Rose". Right after Bruce went down, a guy (VP of the company that hosts this event) presented another bunch of flowers to her. Liza was suprised, "ha? you are my nephew too? since when I have another one?". Then she saw a fan standing behind him. (There are fences setting up about 1 m from the stage; people can't go up to present flowers; they need to give it to the staff and have them go behind the fence to hand the flowers to the performers) Zaza said, "i recognize you, you are Alan." The fan replied, "I'm xxx" (xxx=first name, I don't want to disclose his name). Zaza,"oh, XXX Lee mar." Fan,"XXX YYYY". Zaza, as well as the audience, laughed. The fan asked zaza how she was feeling (concerned about her flu). Zaza replied, "you hear my voice doe mo mutt shi la"....talked a bit.blah blah blah....Zaza looked in the direction of where the fan was sitting, "glad that you still have the same wife." Audience laughed again. Zaza continued, "well, nowadays, people change their spouse so often mar."

to be continued.....

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Atlantic City Concert Detail (Part 1)

hm...I'll be writing what I saw in these 2 days in Atlantic City. I TRY not to write any personal comments about the concerts coz I plan to post those on zaza official web. Copy rights reserved to me from this point forward. ^0^.

February 23, Saturday 1:00 am

The concert didn't start until 1:20 pm when Liza came out with her red dress (you should know which one) singing some New Year songs, such as 歡樂年年,...&...(not sure the names but they are new year songs). After she finished these songs which took about 10 min?, she greeted the audience. She talked about the weather, the casino, etc. Then she asked the audience which one they would like/want to see, Ka Ying or Myolie Wu. From the audience's applause, Myolie Wu got louder support(according to my ears). Liza decided, "it looks like Myolie got more claps. OK I will call her up later." Then Mr. Law came out! Up to this point, to be honest with you, I didn't pay full attention to the concert. I was busy adjusting the camera (my stupid brother brought my own camera to HK despite I told him a million times not to! I ended up borrowing a camera from my friend and the camera ended up running out of battery in the midst of the 1st concert). In addition, even though I was sitting in the 1st row on the left hand side, our sight was blocked by one of the two cameras that were set up there to record the show. I had to watch the big screen for the most of the times (paying $118 to watch big screen!!! >,< >,< >,<).

Mr. Law introduced himself as the man behind a successful woman. He greeted the audience and talked with Liza je a little bit (blah blah blah...forget what). He said that Liza needed to listen to what he was going to sing. Zaza just rushed to the backstage replying "i don't want to hear, I don't want to hear" (it was part of their act). As expected, Mr. Law sang his all-time-favorite Marry song. After he finished, he said he "resembles a 4 dog". Mr. Law claimed that people "like to hear this song(yeah, right) and at the same time, like to see him fail on the proposal". He added, "if Liza says yes, I can't sing this song anymore."........Then...more BS on his tips/3從 theory on how to get/please a woman like zaza.....Then he sang a part of the Chinese opera song "萬惡淫為首"(if i remember the name correctly)....Then (reader: what? more then? Bliz: yes still not done with his part), Mr Law introduced a "guest" and the two sang Chinese opera song(s). That so called "guest" was a middled-age, slightly overweighted(from American weight standard) woman called Ms. Ng whom I think, is a fan/supporter of Mr. Law judging from her "lum face" & "bird voice" during her conversation with him. During his entire part, Mr.Law talked a lot of BS, but the audience seemed to be entertained. I heard the crowd laughed quite a few times. You could tell, from his voice, that he was not feeling well. In contrast, Zaza seemed to be fine. I guess Zaza's flu must have passed it to Mr. Law. My feeling, at this point, was like wtf becoz Mr.L appeared even longer than zaza!!! His part took at least 20 min while zaza, at that point, only appeared about 15min.

to be continued.....

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
New Creations

by me!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008
Liza in SYDNEY!

Credits to happyxinxin @
Support this clip at

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
My Trip to Shanghai + Jiangnan

This year, my family and I decided to celebrate the Lunar New Year in a different country, and after browsing through the tour ads in the newspaper, we decided on the tour to Shanghai + Jiangnan province.

As this is a Zaza blog, I'm not gonna go on about my trip and if you are interested to read more about my CNY tour, let me know and I shall send you a seperate link.

My zaza findings on this CNY tour to China is that Love and Passion is really popular in China. I say this because, when we were dining in a restaurant, the entertainer of the restaurant holding an er-hu sat down next to us and sung the themesong of Love and Passion. Thrilled, I handed him a RMB 5 dollar tip. haha. FYI: He did not accept requests and his decision is purely personal, haha. On a seperate occasion, when we were on the bus heading to a local tourist attraction, someone asked my tour leader to sing us a song and without a second thought, he said that he would sing the Love and Passion themesong as he liked the drama very much. I clapped and screamed the loudest. LoL. I took video clips of the two incidents. Here's the link to the clip of my tour leader singing L&P

Liza RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To Jamie...

For the one and only Miss Jamie Lee....

free glitter text and family website at

Hope you have a great day!!!(or had a great day...depending when you read this!)

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TinShui Wai Concert!!!!

Watch on youtube!!thanks to the uploader, wailok1993!great concert!













part13 (final clip):

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HAPPY CNY EVERYONE!All the best for the year of the rat!wishing you all happiness and good fortune!

heres some vids from youtube from the CNY daytime show!! enjoy!

Show Intro:

WOILII skit:

Liza, Myolie and Bosco singing:

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Translated by Jamie @

Recently, Ah Jie, Liza Wang, has been performing more charity work in Tin Sui Wai and continued to hand out gifts to the residents, touching the hearts of many. Liza heavily criticized the recent scandal when she was approached by reporters and urged the police to solve the matter as soon as possible. Liza said that she has not and will not look at the pictures and that she mostly visits her own website whenever she goes online. She hopes that the public would not go all out to search for the pictures and pointed out that there's nothing special about another human's body as they are all the same.

Liza added, "The younger generation must not be too open-minded about such things and they should really choose their friends wisely." When asked if she is worried that her private pictures might be put on the internet, Liza said, "I have not and will not take such pictures, I do not have secrets, the pictures of me on the internet are clean. I feel that this is more of a personality issue. Integrity is really important. If you do not wish for others to see such it, then don't take such pictures in the first place!"

Liza said: "唔想比人睇就唔好影呢啲相啦!"

Translation: If you don't want others to look at it, then don't take such pictures in the first place!

Truly a "一針見血" example which means, "Right into the heart of the matter".

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Monday, February 4, 2008
Liza sends warmth to Tin Shui Wai, comments on recent scandal

Credits and thanks: Serena @

Yesterday, Liza Wang was comforting to Tin Shui Wai residents. She attended the function 「冬日送暖喜迎春」 (Sending Comfort to Celebrate CNY in winter) at 天晴村天晴社區會堂. It was an early CNY celebration for the elderly residents. Liza has a charitable heart. Besides finding gift sponsors for the elderly, she also used +HK$100000 of her personal money to buy 10 TV sets for them. She hopes that it will make the elderly happy.

Lately, some celebrities are involved in the erotic photo scandals. Liza scolds the people whoup-loaded the pictures onto the internet lacked moral/conscience. She expressed that she didn’t lookat those pictures because it was ridiculous. She hopes that all the offenders would be caught.Liza also said that she hopes that people would not view those pictures. She said that everybody’s body is the same so there isn’t anything special. The reporter asked if she called Nicholas Tse yet. Liza said that she didn’t call. There are reports that Nicholas’ mother, Deborah Lai, is furious about the incident. Liza said that was understandable.

Liza advised young teenagers not to be too open-minded.That they need to be careful about making friends and that the internet can be dangerous.Liza would definitely not take such pictures because it really shouldn’t be seen by other people.The main point is that the up-loaders’ behaviour are wicked.People who also view those pictures are the same.

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New Pics from! Simply Stunning!

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Saturday, February 2, 2008
In-Laws Blues?

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