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Loved and adored by many, Liza has been frequently referred to as the "Idol, Queen & Goddess" of people's hearts. Liza entered her 40th year in the entertainment industry in 2007, but Liza is showing no signs of slowing down, instead she hopes to continue bringing joy and satisfaction to the audiences all over the world. She is truly a diva handmade in heaven.

Monday, February 23, 2009
Interview with (Singapore)

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Sunday, February 22, 2009
Pretty Pink Lady!!!!!!!

Pics credit to

pic from

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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Anyone for dinner?

Liza heads to the markets! This is such a rare sight!

Liza looks so serious when cooking!



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Top News: A crying shame


A crying shame

Adele Wong

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The decision to give a US college the right to redevelop a site under the Revitalizing Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme left a local artiste and rival bidder close to tears yesterday.

The privately run Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia is one of six recipients of development rights and will restore North Kowloon Magistracy in Sham Shui Po.

Its rival bidder was Liza Wang Ming- chun, chairwoman of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, which proposed the creation of a Cantonese opera training and performance center.

"When I found out, I wanted to cry," Wang said after Secretary for Development Carrie Lam Yuet-ngor announced the winning applications for the revitalization of six historic Hong Kong buildings.

Wang claimed the government is only paying lip service to causes such as Cantonese opera.

She also questioned the transparency of the judging process, saying the panel's methods were "blackbox- like."

Savannah College principal Paula Wallace said the magistracy will be turned into a school specializing in creative and digital media.

"We have already had hundreds of students locally and overseas expressing interest in our proposed school," she said.

Wallace added that the college will fully fund the project and said the restoration will be carried out "with dignity."

In explaining the process of picking winning applicants, Revitalization of Historic Buildings advisory committee chairman Bernard Charnwut Chan said its focu

s was on preserving sites.

"We found a number of organizations applied just to get tenancy of the building," he said. Chan added that criteria such as the experience of the applicant, the economic benefit of the proposed project and its social value were among the factors considered in judging each application.

Another self-funded project under the scheme will be the reinvention of the old Tai O Police Station on Lantau Island as a boutique heritage hotel.

The Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation, which is backed by Sino Group, will be responsible for the project.

Lam said that the government will pay an estimated HK$490 million to cover refurbishment costs and HK$11 million in grants to winning applicants who expressed the need for financial support.

However, Lam and Chan have both come under fire from local media for choosing an overseas institution over a Hong Kong one for one of its buildings and for favoring a business- backed nonprofit enterprise.

The other winners include Yuen Yuen Institute, which will turn prewar school Fong Yuen Study Hall in Tsuen Wan into a Chinese cultural centre and museum.

Hong Kong Baptist University will revamp traditional Hong Kong shophouse Lui Seng Chun in Mong Kok into a Chinese medicine and health-care centre. The Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association will transform former public housing estate Mei Ho House into a youth hostel, while Hong Kong Cultural Heritage aims to turn Lai Chi Kok Hospital into a centre for Chinese culture.

"We will very soon announce the second batch of buildings that will be available for the next round of our scheme," Lam said, citing sites in Wan Chai and Sha Tin.

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Liza might organize a street protest in HK

Translated by Jamie @
Source: various HK media

Recently, The Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong filed a proposition to use the North Kowloon Magistrate as a Cantonese Opera Cultural Center. However, after finding out that their proposal was rejected with the reason being that martial law was used to determine the rights to utilize the land, Dr. Liza Wang, the chairman of The Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong, immediately held a press conference to voice 8 wor’s protest against the government’s decision. 8 wor felt that the government is only verbally showing their support for the Cantonese Opera community. Liza has requested for a disclosure of the vetting committee’s assessment criteria to ensure transparence in their decision. Liza also announced that she might consider taking 8 wor’s protest to the streets to express their disappointment and dissatisfaction in the government’s efforts to preserve the art of Cantonese Opera.

No intentions to submit a second proposal

Liza admitted that she almost cried when she received the news. Liza also questions the authorities’ decision and that they might have decided the outcome much earlier. The vetting committee meeting was also held behind closed doors. “From the start, the government had no intentions to let us make us of the land, we were really silly and naïve to believe that we had a fair chance in this” Liza exclaimed. Liza also stressed that the renewal of the Sunbeam Theatre contract and the usage of the Yau Ma Tei Theatre as a training center cannot be put together with the discussion of their proposals for the North Kowloon Magistrate land. Liza also felt that he American College of Arts, who pledged a HKD$150 million rebuilding fund, might have had a bigger advantage over 8 wor in this matter. “If we knew that our proposal would be looked upon differently if we pledged a large amount of money, we would have gone all out to raise funds.”

Liza also announced that 8 Wor would not be submitting a proposal for the second round of activation program and they would not be appealing for the government to reconsider their decision as every appeal and application would consume a few hundred thousand dollars.

Selection Committee Mr Bernard Chan declined to comment on why 8 Wor’s proposal was rejected. He stressed that the “contribution to the society” only takes up one of the five elements in the government’s selection criteria. He also said that the United States Savannah College of Art and Design also pledged that they would not require any funding from the Hong Kong government, instead they would be investing HKD$ 150 million to realize their proposal.

The Home Affairs Bureau said that the government had put in a lot of effort in promoting the development of the Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong, such as helping the industry extend their lease with the Sunbeam Theatre, providing funds to help start-up diploma courses and subsidizing the Liyuan Cantonese Opera youth troup. The government would also be allowing the Cantonese Opera industry to make use of a theatre in Yau Ma Tei. The government also has plans to build a large Cantonese Opera center in West Kowloon.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Partnership structure put to a test

Partnership structure put to a test

Mary Ma
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today, the government will announce the successful bidders who will be responsible for breathing new life into the first batch of historic buildings under the Revitalizing Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme.

The lease of the Old Tai O Police Station is expected to be awarded to a conservation vehicle set up by the Sino Group to transform the 1,000-square- meter Grade III historic building into a boutique hotel. Meanwhile, the North Kowloon Magistracy project will go to a prominent art and design academy from the United States.

This is the first time that the government has invited the private sector to vie for the historic sites under the revitalization partnership scheme. Seven historic buildings have been selected for experimentation. The other five are the Old Tai Po Police Station, Lui Seng Chun in Mong Kok, Lai Chi Kok Hospital, Fong Yuen Study Hall in Ma Wan, and Mei Ho House in Shek Kip Mei.

In view of the recent row over the North Kowloon Magistracy - in which Cantonese opera "big sister" Liza Wang Ming-chuen complained the outcome was "fixed" - the authorities are leaving nothing to speculation, as they prepare for today's announcement.

At the press conference this afternoon, development minister Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, and Bernard Charnwut Chan, chairman of the advisory committee on the revitalization scheme, will field various pressing questions. These include why the Old Tai O Police Station is being awarded to a non-profit-making body formed by a commercial group, and why the North Kowloon Magistracy is granted to a US academy instead of a local body.

The announcement will also be followed by intensive public relations maneuvers. Over the next few days, special arrangements will be made for the media to interview the successful applicants at the respective sites. The winners of the North Kowloon Magistracy and the Old Tai O Police Station will be among the first to explain how their plans can conserve the buildings and release their potential.

The approach is to provide as much information as possible to assure the process has been fair and transparent.

It is understandable why Lam and Chan are taking such great pains to dispel any rumors of favoritism.

Apart from Wang's accusations, it is the partnership concept that will come under close public scrutiny, as the successful completion of the projects will have a definite bearing on the hundreds of historic buildings on Lam's long list.

According to the Antiquities and Monuments Office, about 1,400 historic buildings could potentially be graded as historic sites. Among those best known are King Yin Lei on Stubbs Road, the former residence of kung fu legend Bruce Lee, in Kowloon Tong, and Dragon Garden, in Sham Tseng.

Plans for the seven initial projects will provide valuable reference, while Hong Kong taps the potential of hundreds of similar structures in striving to enrich the city's cultural life.

It's saddening to learn that 8 Woh lost the bidding! I was looking forward to having another interesting museum to visit when I travel to Hong Kong. =(
It would be so interesting to learn more about Cantonese Opera as my grandparents used to enjoy the performances. It would be a culturally and historically enriching experience for the younger generation. Unlike Hong Kong, Malaysians do not have the privilege to watch any good quality performances here in Malaysia. It's such a waste that the HK government is not paying sufficient attention to promote and ensure the survival of Cantonese Opera in HK.

I have watched a few of Liza's opera performances and I must say that I like it a lot, although I might not be able to understand it without the subtitles. It has certainly helped me improve my Cantonese.

I firmly support all of Liza's efforts to preserve the diminishing art of Cantonese Opera.

Go Liza!

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Asia's Tina Turner

Feb 17, 2009

CALL her Asia's Tina Turner, for 61-year-old Hong Kong singer-actress Liza Wang can still pull off sexy outfits onstage.

But ask the veteran performer about her often cleavage-enhancing and leg-baring costumes, and she will tell you that they are just part of an act.

'I like to give the audience something new every time,' Wang, who plays a show at the Max Pavilion this Saturday, told my paper in a recent phone interview from Hong Kong. 'Show business is my lifelong career and, if I keep doing the same things over and over again, my audience will get sick of me and leave,' she said.

She will be in town with her partner of 20 years, actor and opera singer Law Kar Ying. About 80 per cent of the 5,500 concert tickets for the Max Pavilion gig have been sold, said concert promoter Unusual Productions.

Wang, last here in 2007 for a show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, broke onto the scene in the Hong Kong serial, Four Daughters (1968), when she was 21 years old.

She went on to star in numerous dramas for Hong Kong TV network TVB, such as The Legend Of Chu Liuxiang (1979).

She was also part of an all-girl singing group, called Four Golden Flowers, with the late Lydia Sum.

Now, the television doyenne is preparing to star in a Cantonese musical based on her life, to be shown in Hong Kong in April.

'Now that I'm 61, I must speed up and do all the things I want,' she said with a laugh.

But she says marriage is not on the cards, despite her long-standing relationship with the 62-year-old Law, who has starred in Stephen Chow films like From Beijing With Love (1994).

'It's good, and I don't think I could ask formore,'Wang, a thyroid-and breast-cancer survivor, said of the relationship.

When asked if there is a potential successor to her crown in showbiz, she answered matter-of-factly: 'No, I haven't discovered anyone at the moment.'

She hinted that newbies on the Hong Kong scene are still in their nascent stages.

'It has taken me decades to establish my image and instill confidence (about my abilities) in my audience,' she said. 'You can't do the same within a mere two years. It's just not possible.'

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Sunday, February 15, 2009
Betty & Winky!

from let's face it!

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Saturday, February 14, 2009
Boom Boom Ba

in the episode of Boom Boom Ba with Shirley Yeung, the contestants were supposed to guess that Sum Mei was saying Liza's name, "Wang Ming Chuen" when his face was completely immersed in water. Next, they were supposed to guess the name of a song by Liza, "Hot Coffee". Sum Mei was so funny when he sung the hot coffee as he was trying to 'dance' along with the beat. hehe, all of them managed to guess it really quickly, proving how popular Liza and her Hot Coffee are.

start from 4.24

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Thursday, February 12, 2009
My version of "Happiness"

Dedicated to our Dearest Liza,
wishing you all the happiness in the world =)

recap: Liza's version of "happiness"

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Liza the Diva!

Translated by Jamie @

Law Kar Ying has always been a very outspoken chap. Yesterday, he accompanied Dr. Liza Wang to her upcoming musical concert's press conference, and he suddenly went out of control and said, "(referring to TVB) It's not a big deal whether to work with TVB or not". Liza was shocked with his comment and immediately asked him to keep quiet, "Wai! I am still working in that company!" Law Kar Ying immediately kept quiet.

Liza Wang, Law Kar Ying, Liu Kai Chi, Gary Tam, will be staging a Broadway-style song and dance production entitled, "Really Ah Jie - Liza Wang". They held a press conference yesterday and Liza attended the event in a red dress along with over 2 million dollars worth of sponsored diamonds. Liza praised Liu Kai Chi's acting skills and that it is a big waste that he has left TVB. It was pretty unexpected that Law Kar Ying would reply Liza's comments with "Just forget it! (referring to TVB) It's not a big deal whether to work with that company or not!" Liza immediately tried to redeem Law Kar Ying's comments by saying, "Wai! I am still working in that company!"

After the incident, Liza said, "He always likes to talk about such things. (Are you afraid that he might be interrogated for his actions?) He's not official signed with TVB!" Liza's loyalty towards TVB is well known, and there's nobody that can affect her concrete relationship with TVB.

Liza's gag, boyfriend is only a shell

Ko Chi-sum did a survey and found out that the audience love it when Law Kar Ying exposes Liza's private stuff during the concert. When asked about this, Liza responded, "There's no bad stuff about me to expose!" The survey also showed that the audience love it when Kar Ying talked bad about Liza and subsequently "tortured" by Liza in return. When Law Kar Ying was asked to respond to the survey findings, he claimed that what he has always been truthful, if he is lying, he would be cursed with bad karmic returns. Liza laughed and said, "Oh, that punishment is too terrible, but I, too, have quite a few "bad stuff" to tell the audience!"

Liza was also asked to respond to the "Salty Pig Hands" rumours in TVB. Liza felt that everyone needs to be responsible as to what they say and claim. "Most importantly, there should be evidences to back their claims. If they really know who the culprit is, they should come forward and let everyone know the truth." (Did this incident affect the morale in the company?) Liza said that it is not her business to meddle with this rumour and that Ms Virginia Lok should step forward and take action. Liza feels that everyone needs to instill a sense of self-discipline.

Also, in the new concert poster, Liza was wearing a tall hat. When looking at the poster from afar, the feathers looked like an "eagle" (Ying), and the reporters immediately poked fun that Kar YING was on top of Liza's head (signifying that he is more superior to her). Law Kar Ying responded, "I always feel that I am very wise (Ying Ming)". Liza joked that, "I think the Ying (eagle) only has an outer shell and hollow in the inside"

Cheeky Liza with her new poster

Yummm... my cake is yummy!"

Whee! My new poster is chic, elegant and hip!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Somewhere Out There

For zaza's upcoming musical show in April, zaza will have to learn to sing an English song called Someone Out There. This song is a song from a movie called An American Tail!I love this song!!!

Here are a couple of youtube vids for the song!haha...

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Monday, February 9, 2009
It's Really Liza Wang concert press conference

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! the poster is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translated by Jamie @

Anyway, Liza attended the press conference of "Really Liza Wang", a Broadway-style song and dance show wearing over $ 2 million dollars worth of jewelries. Liza said that her upcoming concert would have a lot of singing and dancing. As for the storyline of this broadway styled show, Liza would not be incorporating much from her personal love life as it is already well known to the public.


Basing on "Hello Dolly", which you sang in a RTHK special during your younger days, here's something I edited, just for you, Liza Jie!

Hello Liza,
Well Hello Liza,
It's so nice to be back home where you belong,
You're looking swell, Liza,
I can tell, Liza,
You're still glowing, you're still growing, you're still going strong,
I hear the room swaying, for the band's playing,
One of your old favourite songs from way back when,
bridge that gap fellas,
find me an empty lap fellas,
Liza you'll never go away again!
Hello Liza,
Well, hello, Liza,
It's so nice to have you back where you belong,
You're looking swell, Liza,
We can tell, Liza,
You're still glowing, you're still growing, you're still going strong,
We feel the room swaying, while the band's playing,
One of your old favourite songs from way back when,
here's my hat fellas,
I'm staying where I'm at fellas,
promise you'll never go away,
promise you'll never go away,
promise you'll never go away again!!!!!!!

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Friday, February 6, 2009
8-woh avatars

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009
HK Government invites Liza for CNY party

Translated by Jamie @
Source: Takungpao

The Hong Kong SAR Government held a "Chinese New Year reception" at the Government House yesterday. Present were HK's Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang and his wife, along with celebrities and senior officials, which included the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Chief Executive Joseph Yam, Hong Kong Police Commissioner Tang King-shing, Stanley Ho, Fok Zhan Ting. Law Lan, Liza Wang, Donnie Yen and his wife, etc

The reception started at 5pm. There were no special ceremony during the cocktail party. All invited guests were recipients of honorary medals from the HK SAR Government in the past.

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Liza, Lucky, 福福、毛毛

credits to
taken on CNY Day 1: after the TVB CNY show
translated by Jamie

Due to Liza's busy schedule, she is often not home. Thus, Liza's three precious dogs took the golden opportunity to stay close to Liza.
Front row (from left): Fuk Fuk, Mo Mo
Back row (from left): Liza and Lucky

Lucky managed to get the best spot while Mo Mo and Fuk Fuk admire from afar

Liza and her three precious pets wish everyone a very happy new year, and hope that the new year will bring along great improvements and that everyone receive abundant good luck in the Ox Year.
Front row (from left): Mo Mo, Lucky, Fuk Fuk
Back row: Liza

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009
News: April Musical

Translated by Jamie @
Source: SingDao

Dr Liza Wang (Ah Jie), as the chairman of the HK Artist Association (8 woh), attended a Chinese New Year event to wish all a very happy new year. Fok Zhan Teng, Zang Dak Seng, Law Kar Ying etc also attended the event.

Liza revealed that she is currently rehearsing for her staged musical show at the HK Coliseum in April 2009. Liza, "Dou Kwok Wai (杜國威) is the writer of the musical and there would be a lot of singing and dancing. I am now practicing some new dance moves. Law Kar Ying would also play a part in the musical and he would be acting as himself."

As for 8 woh activities, Liza said that the society would be having a busy year ahead and would continue working with the Workers and Social Welfare Department to organize more skill-enhancing courses.

Liza enjoying a social drink with company directors

Bouquet from Miriam Yeung (she is such a big Liza fan!

Check out those snow-white arms!!!!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009
Liza + Happiness

Written by Liza in Shanghai on the eve of Chinese New Year 2009!

Canto pinyin: "Lok"
Mandarin pinyin: "Le"
Meaning: Happiness

credits to for the pic. See Liza's "Lok" in the center?

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