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Loved and adored by many, Liza has been frequently referred to as the "Idol, Queen & Goddess" of people's hearts. Liza entered her 40th year in the entertainment industry in 2007, but Liza is showing no signs of slowing down, instead she hopes to continue bringing joy and satisfaction to the audiences all over the world. She is truly a diva handmade in heaven.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Liza's Chinese New Year 2008 greeting

Pic:Pop-up from
Screen Cap from Scoop 1st Feb 2008.
credits to xl_blair @

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没有 O 姐的第二天.

没有 O 姐的第二天.



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Monday, January 28, 2008
Wars Of In-Laws 2 Funny Scenes

episode 5 - Liza + Benz - Liza's nightmare

episode 5 - eye rolling scene

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Bosco Wong hopes to have Liza Wang as his godmother

Translated by Jamie


Ever since Bosco Wong started in the entertainment industry, he has always built close ties with most
of the veterans. Right before the filming of Wars of In-Laws II, Ah Jie (Liza Wang) strongly backed Bosco Wong to be included the cast, confirming that he's highly looked upon by Liza Wang. Bosco Wong added, "Don't be fooled into thinking that Ah Jie is very strict, actually she's extremely playful. Recently, we both attended a promotional activity in Tsim Tsa Tsui and we went shopping right afterwards. Ah Jie even picked a few pieces of clothing for me. All of a sudden, she stopped and asked her assistant to snap a few pictures of us shopping with her digital camera. However, instead of striking a normal camera pose, she asked me to act as if someone was taking pictures of us secretly. Just the thought of that incident makes me want to laugh. I don't think you would think that Ah Jie can be so cute."

Bosco also revealed that he has a strong desire to be Liza's godson. He said that he has always wished to call Liza "godmother" and to have a formal function to celebrate, so that they can officially be "mother and son". However, Bosco has not asked Liza personally as he feels shy, "I really want Liza Wang as my godmother, but I don't know whether Ah Jie thinks the same way."

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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Liza Wang: Increased Security at TVB

Translated by: Serena @
Source: Mingpao

Liza Wang: Increased Security at TVB

Liza Wang is following closely about the attack on Angela Tong. She hopes that TVB can address the security issues about artistes. Liza said: “It’s hard to be artistes. You can’t offend people. Just like what Angela said, sometimes it is a good thing to have reporters following you. At least you are protected.”

Liza described that she noticed increased security when she went to work yesterday. There were strangers guarding the doors. Because of that, her “nanny” car was able to drive straight to the entrance for her to get off. Some artistes said that there were problems when they were filming on outdoor locations. Liza agreed and said: “Sometimes we need to block off a street when we film certain scenes. That can make citizens gloomy about it so we need to have added security. For example, there were some unfamiliar fans waiting outside for me. I do worry a little bit. Later on, I would be going to mainland China to film a series. The fans there are more passionate. Sometimes I am scared by their actions!”

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Translated by: JAMIE @
source: various HK media.

Dr. Liza Wang, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang and the rest of the cast of TVB's latest hit drama Wars of In-Laws II were present in a mock courtroom to film a special finale clip for WOIL2. The finale clip would be aired at the end of the last episode and it features a courtroom family battle between Liza and Myolie. Bosco would be acting as the judge while Joyce and the rest of the cast take sides on the visitor stands, holding pictures of their "preferred party".

With response to the NG clips being erased, Liza Wang expressed her disappointment and said, "At first, TVB was planning to air the NG and deleted scenes at the end of the last episode, but after finding out that the films were already reused, the plan had to be scrapped. I can't believe that the clips has really been erased as they normally keep them until after the series has finished airing. The films are the company's property and it's also the first High Definition drama. And if the clips were aired 10 years from now, it would make a great commemorative clip, it is definitely too much to erase the clips."

Apart from that, Liza also clarified reports claiming that makeup artists used a much darker foundation for Liza to conceal her freckles. Liza said that she does not have any freckles and she got darker due to too spending too much time outdoors while filmiing WOIL2. Liza added that WOIL2 was filmed during the summer months and she had to be under the hot sun for quite a long duration.

The producer of WOIL2, Cheong Hon Man, didn't respond to the deletion of the films and told reporters to ask Ah Jie, Liza Wang, instead.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008
When Rules Turn Loose!

When Rules Turn Loose

Malaysia TV2 7pm!


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Thursday, January 17, 2008
New Drama: 《東關飄雨西關晴》

Cast: Dr. Liza Wang, Joe Ma, Charmaine Sheh
Era: 1900s
Plot: Unknown as of now.
Filming should begin sometime in March.

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Monday, January 14, 2008
Liza and Benz Hui @ WOIL2 Function

Source: Takungpao, Wenweipo

Stupid magazine report saying that Liza and Benz are not getting along...what are these people like!?!tsk tsk...

Although, in these 2 newspapers it did say that while Benz was getting interviewed, he saw Liza and said hi, but Liza just turned a blind-eye and kept walking, causing Benz to feel uneasy...

My comment: These pics are so sweet! As for Liza just walking on and ignoring Benz, it's probs cos she didn't hear...afterall, there are lots of people there!Mistakes happen and anything is possible! =)

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Liza Wang denies rumours with Benz Hui

Translated by Jamie @
Source:, takungpao

Ah Jie Liza Wang, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu attended a promotional event for Wars of In-Laws II recently, and Liza Wang was asked to clarify the rumours about Benz and herself in a Hong Kong gossip magazine earlier. Liza immediately denied the rumours (Benz's bad work attitude - not serious about his job and refusing to try out the script with Liza). To further prove that they are in good terms, Liza held Benz's hand during the promotional event, and Benz's hands were firmly placed on Liza's shoulder.

Liza further stressed that Benz always came to work with a good grasp of the script and they never needed to try out the script with each other. As for reports saying that one of Liza's scenes were cut and because of Myolie, Liza said that if she really wanted to be crossed with someone, it wouldn't be Myolie, but the director.

Liza said that the cut scenes would be aired as a 11 minute NG clip in the last episode.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008
new addition to zazafied

credits to Kalei for the Mozilla pic
credits to Jamie for the IE pic

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Netizens vote for LIZA in Wars of In-Laws II

Translated by Jamie @
Source: HK media

The release of TVB's Wars of In-Laws II has marked then end of low ratings, after ratings of WOIL2 soared past the 30 point average during its premier. The results are definitely something to be proud of after the disappointing ratings of Building Blocks of Life.

Earlier, reports said that Myolie Wu was dominating in a poll, 'My Favourite Character in 'Wars of In-Laws II' leading by 40.66% compared to Liza Wang's 28.13%.

However, soon after the release of the article, Liza Wang's vote count shot up to 46.22%, with Myolie Wu staggering behind with 30.25% and Bosco Wong 10.92%. Derek Kwok had 5.04% and Benz Hui 4.2%. The rest of the cast, Joyce Tang, Vivian Yeo, etc had less than 1% each.

There is no doubt that Liza Wang still manages to captivate the hearts of the viewers and the younger actors and actresses should look up to her as a good role model.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008
WOIL2 Episode 10

Benz's gonna say, "Ophelia my dear!"

>>> ooo. haha. interesting! so far, I love their chemistry!

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Friday, January 11, 2008
Liza the Godzilla!

Credits to edgeling
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Latest pics from mingpao =)

Click on pics to enlarge

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Liza Wang Hopes to Film 3rd Installment to 'Wars of In-Laws'
translated by dee-lush

Liza Wang Hopes to Film 3rd Installment to 'Wars of In-Laws'

Liza Wang, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong were promoting their new series, ‘Wars of In Laws 2’ on air. When the host gave a pink tube top and underwear to Myolie and Bosco, Bosco immediately used the tube top as a scarf and wrapped it around his neck, while Myolie accepted the underwear. The host then explained that it will come in handy when filming the third installment and wished them to have baby twins.

‘Wars of In Laws 2’ has been rating strongly and so, Liza was asked if they will be filming a third installment. Liza expressed that their company had not mentioned this to them but she does hope to start filming next year so that it gives enough time for scriptwriting and other preparations.

Myolie has given Liza a handbag and her rumoured boyfriend, Bosco a box of mandarins. The actress then explained it is because the ‘Wars of In Laws’ series has given her a lot of chances to do shows and so, she gave the two presents. Myolie will be flying to the US and Canada with Liza to do shows during the Chinese New Year period. When Bosco asked why did he not have the chance to go, Liza immediately retorted, ‘Learn how to sing properly first!” Later, Bosco clarified that he had accepted a movie offer to star as Natalis Chan’s son.

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Liza Wang's scenes in WOIL 2 cut - Myolie Wu responds

Credits: Mingpao
Translation by: evodrift @asianfanatics

Myolie Wu and Vanessa Yeung attended the function organised by YMK yesterday for the group's handbag shop Miscela They were invited for the ribbon cutting ceremony. The two of them were presented with gifts of HKD 50,000 in the form of gift vouchers.

Myolie expressed that she would like to get a handbag for 'mother-in-law, Liza Wang to squash the rumours that the two of them are not on good terms.

According to reports Liza Wang who is acting the role of a 'unreasonable' mother-in-law is not happy that some of her scenes were cut which made her out to be only a big supporting role.
Because of that, while having hot pot (steamboat) to celebrate the ratings success at Liza's house, she gave an expulsion order to Myolie Wu that put the night to an unhappy ending.

Myolie denied the rumours and claim that she was enjoying herself that night and drinking plenty of champagne and red wine to celebrate. She only left Liza's place at around 12.00 midnight.
She added that 'big sister' had all along taken very good care of her and was also told to take the reports as a joke.

She even tried to console me by telling me to take these as publicity for the show.
In actual fact 'big sister' scenes were not censored because her character role is very important otherwise she's not the 'unreasonable' mother-in-law.

Myolie and 'big sister' were rumored to be arguing during and after filming but whereas when filming with Bosco as couples, they were praised for their natural acting;
Myolie replied with a laugher: the script requires us to be in love from the beginning, the viewers must be too engrossed, I think so! Hopefully the Company will give us the 'Most Favourite Couple' Award.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Adorable Liza!!!

Adorable Liza
Myspace Glitter Graphics

Made by Hazel

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Survivor Law 2's casts show support for WOIL2 =)

Credits:cherishtvb.blogspot,, evodrift @ asianfanatics

During a promotional event on Sunday, both Kenneth and Ella commented that they were not worried nor dissappointed about the ratings of Survivor's Law 2 compared to Wars of In-Laws. They expressed that the time-slots of the two series is not a factor.

In fact, Ella commented that the good ratings Wars of In-laws is receiving is good for their series too as it means more people are watching TV. She said that she also likes to watches WOIL2, she feels that after watching 'Wars of In-Laws II', the viewers will watch their series after that, thus, helping their series get better ratings. Ella also said, "I also love watching Liza's shows, after the viewers finish enjoying her dramas, they would also watch other dramas, hence improving the overall ratings of all dramas."

Kenneth Ma commented that Liza Wang is the 'big sister' and will always be the 'big sister', 'big sister' is very powerful.

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Cute Liza

Cute Liza
Create cool Profile Comments

Made by Hazel

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Ophelia =)

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WOIL2 theme

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has been re-opened due to popular demand!
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Meaning of Ophelia

The girl's name Ophelia \o-phe-lia\ is pronounced oh-FEEL-yah.

It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "help". Name of the unfortunate maiden who loved Hamlet in Shakespeare's play "Hamlet". Mostly late 19th century use.

Ophelia has 12 variant forms: Availia, Filia, Ofelia, Ofilia, Ophélie, Ophelya, Ophilia, Ovalia, Ovelia, Phelia, Ubelia and Uvelia.


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Monday, January 7, 2008
Liza Wang Becomes a Doll For Fan's Club Longest Running Fan Club With 30 Years

Credits: Serena @

Yesterday was Liza Wang’s Fan Club’s 30th anniversary. The fans gathered at a hotel in 尖沙嘴 to hold the celebration event, 「珍荃友愛三十戴」. Liza Wang took special care in her outfit. She dressed up like a doll, held a Barbie doll and balloons. She looked very youthful. When she entered, the fans started to shout her character name 「O姐」 from WOIL 2 and praised that she looked youthful to the max. Liza happily said: “I want to have a party where I will be happy and cute. When I was at the salon setting my hair, I asked the hair stylist if she had balloons and a doll. They went out and bought it for me. I think the doll’s hair style looks like my WOIL 2 character.”

Liza’s fan club has been operating for 30 years. It appears to the longest running fan club for a Hong Kong artist. Liza said that she thinks Adam Cheng’s fan club has been around that long too. It’s just Adam doesn’t stay in Hong Kong a lot so he can have frequent meetings like her fan club. But Liza had an important meeting to attend so she could only stay for half an hour.

Lately, Liza, her “son” and “daughter-in-law” appeared together at WOIL 2 promotions and shopping trips. They were described as a family of shopaholics that long for beauty. The other day, the members of WOIL 2 enjoyed hot pot and watched the fourth episode together at her house.
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Scans by Liz =)

Enormous credit to Liz Yap @

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Sunday, January 6, 2008
WOIL2 Themesong

《野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶》 主題曲


歌名: 再見
主唱: 汪明荃 / 農夫
作曲: 陳詩慧 / 周永恆
編曲: /填詞: 農夫

咁多年黎 都對住你
想起 屋企靜靜地

我坐係度 開大套HiFi都無人投訴
話我嘈 無人同我嘈
夜晚趕proposal 就咁訓左係度

過去每一天 就在你身邊
太多感覺會變 朝見晚見
等到你 走到遠方說句再見
才漸漸 又想起昨天
留心點 這關心最暖
無端端 又想講句你知每天 我都會想再見

有無緣 同你會變仇人
有無緣 同你變最相襯
某個時辰 同你有緣
實在佈滿我生命入面 / (我發覺我兩個既相遇 實在要我去感謝命運)
事實每一天 就在你身邊
也許感覺會變 相處兩遍
先發覺 跟你每天也要再見

咁多年黎 都對住你
你係度我又勞氣 唔係度我又想起你
想起 屋企靜靜地

唔洗睇你面色 我就係我
但係每晚 我加班 遲返
無人幫我留(食送) 留飯
以前嫌你麻煩 嫌你野蠻
但係無左你係我身邊 生活好多困難

過去每一天 就在你身邊
太多感覺會變 朝見晚見
等到你 走到遠方說句再見
才漸漸 又想起昨天
留心點 這關心最暖
無端端 又想講句你知每天 我都會想再見

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Saturday, January 5, 2008
WOIL2 Episode 3 ratings

The average for Episode 3 is 34 points. The same as Episode 2. The peak for Episode 3 unknown.

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Liza Wang in Canada

Liza Wang
Guests: Kar Ying Law & Myolie Wu
Liza Wang Live in Concert - TORONTO

Venue: Casino Rama , Orillia, ON

Time: Tue, Feb 19, 2008 08:00 PM

Prices: VIP/$88/ $68/$48/$28 GST Included, $4.75 Ticketmaster Service Fee Extra

Purchase your tickets here
Organized by Tai Pan Tours, Liza Wang, a living legend in the Hong Kong entertainment arena, will put on a concert at the Casino Rama Entertainment Centre on Tuesday, February 19, 2008. According to the tradition, people will celebrate the Lunar New Year until the first full moon of the year. That is the 15th day of the first month. Liza’s concert will be held on the 13th day the first lunar month. She and her guest stars: Law Ka Ying and Myolie Wu will then greet the Year of Rat with songs and dances. Liza is an icon of the HK performing industry with her glistening appearance all the time on stage. During her 40 years in show business, Liza has released more than 40 albums; her path to stardom became wider and longer with the passage of time.
Source: Tai Pan
Additional Information: ALL SEATS RESERVED
Doors open 1 hour prior to show.
Liza Wang Live in Concert @ Atlantic City 2008
Venue: Mark G. Etess Arena, Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, 1000 Boardwalk at Virginia Avenue Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Time: Sun, Feb 24, 2008, 1 AM & 2 PM
Prices: $48, $78, $118 (All Taxes Included)
Purchase your tickets here
(212) 966-0800
Raymond Miu Productions, Inc.
195 Canal Street, Suite 201
New York, NY 10013

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Friday, January 4, 2008
WOIL2 episode 2 ratings

Latest Update!!

episode 2 average increased by 1 point to 34 points (episode 1 is 33 average). The peak for episode 2 is 36 points.

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Liza Wang bore a son after having an affair

The title of the article says, "Liza Wang bears a son after an affair".
LoL. so misleading. haha.

Translated by Jamie @
Source: 3 Magazine
Pics credit to:

Recently, TVB's latest drama series "War of In-Laws II" has been criticized to be a copy-cat of the western movie "Devil Wears Prada". Even Myolie Wu feels that there are some similarities.

According to 3 Magazine's sources, they found out that War of In-Laws II not only copied Devil Wears Prada but also "Sex in the city" and "Desperate Housewives" as WOIL II would have elements like "one-night stand", "same sex romance", "fight over a guy", "affairs". Even Liza Wang who is Ophelia in "War of In-Laws II", would be someone's mistress, and she bore Bosco after the affair. The relationship map in the series is definitely a complex one.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008
WOIL II news - Liza, a "Fashionable Queen"

Source: & HK media
Translated by Jamie @

War of In-Laws II's first episode broke the highest first episode ratings record for any TVB drama, peaking at 35 points and averaging at 33 points (and this is not including the ratings from TVB's HD channel). A peak total of 2.27 Million viewers tuned in to show their support for WOIL2. TVB would only start calculating the HD ratings after 6 months.
Stepping into Hong Kong's HD era, War of In-Laws II will be the first HD drama to air. Survivor's Law and Best Selling Secrets also started broadcasting in HD quality, achieving a rating average of 30 points.

Dr. Liza Wang was extremely pleased with the satisfactory ratings of WOIL II, adding that she received a lot of sms-es from her friends saying that the series is really comedic. Liza hopes the popularity of this drama would maintain. Liza revealed that it would get increasingly funnier, especially after Myolie enters the family. Myolie Wu said that, "After collaborating in War of In-Laws, and now War of In-Laws II, we have a strong chemistry with each other, just like a family, hence the filming process was really enjoyable. Bosco Wong said that he felt some pressure before WOIL II started airing, but after finding out that WOIL II did extremely well in the ratings for its first episode, Bosco is immensely happy. Bosco added that he sent an sms to Liza after watching the first episode, complimenting Liza on how pretty she looks in the drama. Bosco Wong said that he has yet to upgrade his television to a HD enabled one.

The producer of WOIL II revealed that a celebration party would take place on the 4th (Friday). He added that he will consider filming a WOIL III or something similar to this highly popular drama series.

Netizens also expressed their support for WOIL II. Praises and compliments poured in, and a lot of netizens described Liza Wang as a "Fashionable Queen", and acknowledged Myolie Wu's great improvement in acting skills. Although there are many positive comments, there are bound to be some negative ones. Some netizens criticized the scene where Myolie handcuffed Bosco looks like a scene from Taiwanese Drama, "《放羊的星星》 Fong Yong Dik Sing Sing". Some netizens said that the style of filming was too exaggerate at times. Some also criticized Bosco's hairstyle saying that "it's simply horrible".

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Liza Wang and Myolie Wu to Perform Together in USA and Canada

Source: Mingpao &
Translated by: myo_myo

Posted by yuki9066 @ AF

Yesterday rumoured couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu were at a Yuen Long mall for New Year Countdown. They played some games and Myolie even helped to put an apron on Bosco and feed him which created a warm scene. Asked about their wish for the New Year, both hoped that they will gain more money and for their new series "Wars of In Laws II" to receive ideal ratings. About her pairing with Bosco Wong enabled them to make more money, Myolie said "This is just a show. Gaining more money is a happy thing. After the Chinese New Year, Liza Wang and I will be performing onstage in USA and Canada, but Bosco will not come along.

"Note: I heard Liza and Myolie will go to Toronto, Canada and Atlantic City, US

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008
WOIL 2 promo

Credits: TVB CNC
Translation by: evodrift @ asianfanatics

Myolie WU unperturb by the cold weather, wore a sexy bare-back outfit to attend the promo for TVB's drama 'War of In-Laws II'. Hopeful of good ratings, both Myolie and Bosco knelt in front of 'Mother-in-law' Liza Wang and offered tea. In turn Liza return compliments by accepting the couple's toast.

Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong and Vivien Yeo attended the event to promote support for their latest drama 'War of In-Laws II' which will premiere tonight.

During the activities, the MC also arranged for Myolie and rumoured boyfriend Bosco to kneel down and offer tea to Liza just like wedding rehearsal. 'Mother-in-law' Liza graciously accepted and drank the tea. When asked if she is waiting for the actual moment? Liza replied: Don't know lah, I feel very compatible with her. Bosco and me are also very compatible, very good understanding.

When Myolie was asked about the performace: She smiled and expressed that if the ratings are good, she will open two tables to celebrate. She added that she is not concern about her outfit and the cold. When commented that she and Bosco compliment each other like a real couple;She replied they have a good understanding and she sincerely hope that this show will produce good ratings.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Fans overflock Liza's 29/12/2007 free concert.

Credits: Crienglish

A free concert by Big Sister Liza Wang Ming-Chun on Saturday caused a public disturbance in a Hong Kong residential area when some concertgoers were barred from entering the already full venue.Wang, who was given the "Big Sister" moniker for her well-established acting and singing abilities, gave the free concert for 4,500 residents in the Tin Shui Wai area.But the concert organizer mistakenly issued many more invitations than planned, according to local media. At least 400 invited fans were kept from entering the concert venue. When some of them became angry and demanded an explanation, police were called in to maintain order.The crowds prevented guest performers Miriam Yeung and Denise Ho from arriving on time. Ho ascribed the audience overflow to Wang's popularity.Wang, who learned about the situation after the show, told reporters that she did not expect her concert to cause such a stir and that the organizer was to blame.

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WOIL2 a copycat?

Credits: Jayne

The original "War of In-Laws" was a run-away smash hit in 2006 by numerous accounts. It created the crowd-pleasing on screen couple, Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, while casting Liza Wang as the "godzilla" reincarnated mother-in-law. Will TVB be able to replicate the ratings success with "War of In-Laws 2" in 2008? Extensive clips have already leaked online and many note the similarities between the sequel and "The Devil Wears Prada."

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