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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Zhi Bat Wui TV special

Woooooooo............ Dodo Cheng and Liza would be collaborating to host a new tv program which would air after Beautiful Cooking, exposing deep secrets within the famous "Zhi Bat Wui" (roughly translated as "the most nosy society").

Can't wait!!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009
HK Gov promo clip

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Saturday, September 19, 2009
Liza shows her support for Stanley Ho's 4th wife

Translated by Jamie @
News Source: appledaily

Stanley Ho has been admitted into the hospital for the 53rd day. His 4th wife, Leung On Kei, is currently juggling between caring for her husband and also her upcoming legislative council general election. Yesterday night, she held a live show to help rake in more votes, guest starring Liza Wang, Ah Lam, Hins Cheung etc.

The high point of the night was when the crowd cheered enthusiatically as Liza and Leung On Kei appeared on stage together. Liza chose a yellow dress to show her support for Leung On Kei (yellow is the color theme for Leung On Kei's campaign) and said, "It is my first time coming to Macau on a helicopter to support Leung On Kei." Leung On Kei praised Liza, "I feel that Liza's seriousness towards her work and social duties is very admirable. All her undertakings are also very successful, you can definitely feel her "Love and Passion" (Liza's famous song).

Liza and Mrs Ho complimented each other on stage, with Leung On Kei expressing her admiration towards Liza, who is currently a Member of the National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and also the Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, adding that she must try to learn some political skills from Liza.
Liza added that she also admires Dr Stanley Ho, "All these years, we have both attended the Consultative Conference in Beijing, and On Kei would always be at his side polishing her political skills. It is not easy to be a good politician. On Kei could have chosen to live an easy life, instead she chose to undertake the political pathway. I have confidence in On Kei that she would do well in this role, I support her!"

過佢揀咗投身社會工作,作為議員係唔 容易嘅事,要親力親為,我對佢有信心,佢會做好呢份工,我撐佢!」

獲阿姐開口兩度力撐,梁安琪接着說:「我要延續何博士 47年嚟對澳門博彩繁榮同對社會嘅貢獻,要延續何博士呢個心,多謝博彩仝人對何博士嘅問候,多謝各位公司同事支持我。」阿姐又形容梁安琪是個女強人,為民 請命,真心為市民做事。梁安琪則謂雖然近日有不少不利消息,打擊其團體精神及士氣,不過她依然會盡力,希望連任成功。

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"David and Lisa" 's love revisited ^^

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Thursday, September 10, 2009
Miss Mong Cha Cha


hahahaha. so cute lah!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Forgetful Liza

Translated by Jamie @

Liza Wang (Ah Jie), was so rushed for time, that when she arrived at the "Sunny Heart Project Gala" her hair was full of colorful hair clips. The reporters immediately noticed it but they all thought that it was the latest fashion trend. Liza's assistant quickly alerted Liza and Liza said "Oops" and quickly took off all the hairclips before rushing to join the dinner party.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009
Yin Chow and Zhan Sai's love revisited ^.^

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Thursday, September 3, 2009
Lovey-dovey bday~

How sweet~~~~~ "Dearest Liza"
*credits to Dou Man Chak's blog for the high quality pics!

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