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Monday, January 28, 2008
Bosco Wong hopes to have Liza Wang as his godmother

Translated by Jamie


Ever since Bosco Wong started in the entertainment industry, he has always built close ties with most
of the veterans. Right before the filming of Wars of In-Laws II, Ah Jie (Liza Wang) strongly backed Bosco Wong to be included the cast, confirming that he's highly looked upon by Liza Wang. Bosco Wong added, "Don't be fooled into thinking that Ah Jie is very strict, actually she's extremely playful. Recently, we both attended a promotional activity in Tsim Tsa Tsui and we went shopping right afterwards. Ah Jie even picked a few pieces of clothing for me. All of a sudden, she stopped and asked her assistant to snap a few pictures of us shopping with her digital camera. However, instead of striking a normal camera pose, she asked me to act as if someone was taking pictures of us secretly. Just the thought of that incident makes me want to laugh. I don't think you would think that Ah Jie can be so cute."

Bosco also revealed that he has a strong desire to be Liza's godson. He said that he has always wished to call Liza "godmother" and to have a formal function to celebrate, so that they can officially be "mother and son". However, Bosco has not asked Liza personally as he feels shy, "I really want Liza Wang as my godmother, but I don't know whether Ah Jie thinks the same way."

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