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Friday, January 11, 2008
Liza Wang Hopes to Film 3rd Installment to 'Wars of In-Laws'
translated by dee-lush

Liza Wang Hopes to Film 3rd Installment to 'Wars of In-Laws'

Liza Wang, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong were promoting their new series, ‘Wars of In Laws 2’ on air. When the host gave a pink tube top and underwear to Myolie and Bosco, Bosco immediately used the tube top as a scarf and wrapped it around his neck, while Myolie accepted the underwear. The host then explained that it will come in handy when filming the third installment and wished them to have baby twins.

‘Wars of In Laws 2’ has been rating strongly and so, Liza was asked if they will be filming a third installment. Liza expressed that their company had not mentioned this to them but she does hope to start filming next year so that it gives enough time for scriptwriting and other preparations.

Myolie has given Liza a handbag and her rumoured boyfriend, Bosco a box of mandarins. The actress then explained it is because the ‘Wars of In Laws’ series has given her a lot of chances to do shows and so, she gave the two presents. Myolie will be flying to the US and Canada with Liza to do shows during the Chinese New Year period. When Bosco asked why did he not have the chance to go, Liza immediately retorted, ‘Learn how to sing properly first!” Later, Bosco clarified that he had accepted a movie offer to star as Natalis Chan’s son.

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