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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Liza Wang: Increased Security at TVB

Translated by: Serena @
Source: Mingpao

Liza Wang: Increased Security at TVB

Liza Wang is following closely about the attack on Angela Tong. She hopes that TVB can address the security issues about artistes. Liza said: “It’s hard to be artistes. You can’t offend people. Just like what Angela said, sometimes it is a good thing to have reporters following you. At least you are protected.”

Liza described that she noticed increased security when she went to work yesterday. There were strangers guarding the doors. Because of that, her “nanny” car was able to drive straight to the entrance for her to get off. Some artistes said that there were problems when they were filming on outdoor locations. Liza agreed and said: “Sometimes we need to block off a street when we film certain scenes. That can make citizens gloomy about it so we need to have added security. For example, there were some unfamiliar fans waiting outside for me. I do worry a little bit. Later on, I would be going to mainland China to film a series. The fans there are more passionate. Sometimes I am scared by their actions!”

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