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Friday, January 11, 2008
Liza Wang's scenes in WOIL 2 cut - Myolie Wu responds

Credits: Mingpao
Translation by: evodrift @asianfanatics

Myolie Wu and Vanessa Yeung attended the function organised by YMK yesterday for the group's handbag shop Miscela They were invited for the ribbon cutting ceremony. The two of them were presented with gifts of HKD 50,000 in the form of gift vouchers.

Myolie expressed that she would like to get a handbag for 'mother-in-law, Liza Wang to squash the rumours that the two of them are not on good terms.

According to reports Liza Wang who is acting the role of a 'unreasonable' mother-in-law is not happy that some of her scenes were cut which made her out to be only a big supporting role.
Because of that, while having hot pot (steamboat) to celebrate the ratings success at Liza's house, she gave an expulsion order to Myolie Wu that put the night to an unhappy ending.

Myolie denied the rumours and claim that she was enjoying herself that night and drinking plenty of champagne and red wine to celebrate. She only left Liza's place at around 12.00 midnight.
She added that 'big sister' had all along taken very good care of her and was also told to take the reports as a joke.

She even tried to console me by telling me to take these as publicity for the show.
In actual fact 'big sister' scenes were not censored because her character role is very important otherwise she's not the 'unreasonable' mother-in-law.

Myolie and 'big sister' were rumored to be arguing during and after filming but whereas when filming with Bosco as couples, they were praised for their natural acting;
Myolie replied with a laugher: the script requires us to be in love from the beginning, the viewers must be too engrossed, I think so! Hopefully the Company will give us the 'Most Favourite Couple' Award.

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