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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Translated by: JAMIE @
source: various HK media.

Dr. Liza Wang, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang and the rest of the cast of TVB's latest hit drama Wars of In-Laws II were present in a mock courtroom to film a special finale clip for WOIL2. The finale clip would be aired at the end of the last episode and it features a courtroom family battle between Liza and Myolie. Bosco would be acting as the judge while Joyce and the rest of the cast take sides on the visitor stands, holding pictures of their "preferred party".

With response to the NG clips being erased, Liza Wang expressed her disappointment and said, "At first, TVB was planning to air the NG and deleted scenes at the end of the last episode, but after finding out that the films were already reused, the plan had to be scrapped. I can't believe that the clips has really been erased as they normally keep them until after the series has finished airing. The films are the company's property and it's also the first High Definition drama. And if the clips were aired 10 years from now, it would make a great commemorative clip, it is definitely too much to erase the clips."

Apart from that, Liza also clarified reports claiming that makeup artists used a much darker foundation for Liza to conceal her freckles. Liza said that she does not have any freckles and she got darker due to too spending too much time outdoors while filmiing WOIL2. Liza added that WOIL2 was filmed during the summer months and she had to be under the hot sun for quite a long duration.

The producer of WOIL2, Cheong Hon Man, didn't respond to the deletion of the films and told reporters to ask Ah Jie, Liza Wang, instead.

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