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Thursday, January 3, 2008
WOIL II news - Liza, a "Fashionable Queen"

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War of In-Laws II's first episode broke the highest first episode ratings record for any TVB drama, peaking at 35 points and averaging at 33 points (and this is not including the ratings from TVB's HD channel). A peak total of 2.27 Million viewers tuned in to show their support for WOIL2. TVB would only start calculating the HD ratings after 6 months.
Stepping into Hong Kong's HD era, War of In-Laws II will be the first HD drama to air. Survivor's Law and Best Selling Secrets also started broadcasting in HD quality, achieving a rating average of 30 points.

Dr. Liza Wang was extremely pleased with the satisfactory ratings of WOIL II, adding that she received a lot of sms-es from her friends saying that the series is really comedic. Liza hopes the popularity of this drama would maintain. Liza revealed that it would get increasingly funnier, especially after Myolie enters the family. Myolie Wu said that, "After collaborating in War of In-Laws, and now War of In-Laws II, we have a strong chemistry with each other, just like a family, hence the filming process was really enjoyable. Bosco Wong said that he felt some pressure before WOIL II started airing, but after finding out that WOIL II did extremely well in the ratings for its first episode, Bosco is immensely happy. Bosco added that he sent an sms to Liza after watching the first episode, complimenting Liza on how pretty she looks in the drama. Bosco Wong said that he has yet to upgrade his television to a HD enabled one.

The producer of WOIL II revealed that a celebration party would take place on the 4th (Friday). He added that he will consider filming a WOIL III or something similar to this highly popular drama series.

Netizens also expressed their support for WOIL II. Praises and compliments poured in, and a lot of netizens described Liza Wang as a "Fashionable Queen", and acknowledged Myolie Wu's great improvement in acting skills. Although there are many positive comments, there are bound to be some negative ones. Some netizens criticized the scene where Myolie handcuffed Bosco looks like a scene from Taiwanese Drama, "《放羊的星星》 Fong Yong Dik Sing Sing". Some netizens said that the style of filming was too exaggerate at times. Some also criticized Bosco's hairstyle saying that "it's simply horrible".

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