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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Atlantic City Concert Detail (Part 1)

hm...I'll be writing what I saw in these 2 days in Atlantic City. I TRY not to write any personal comments about the concerts coz I plan to post those on zaza official web. Copy rights reserved to me from this point forward. ^0^.

February 23, Saturday 1:00 am

The concert didn't start until 1:20 pm when Liza came out with her red dress (you should know which one) singing some New Year songs, such as 歡樂年年,...&...(not sure the names but they are new year songs). After she finished these songs which took about 10 min?, she greeted the audience. She talked about the weather, the casino, etc. Then she asked the audience which one they would like/want to see, Ka Ying or Myolie Wu. From the audience's applause, Myolie Wu got louder support(according to my ears). Liza decided, "it looks like Myolie got more claps. OK I will call her up later." Then Mr. Law came out! Up to this point, to be honest with you, I didn't pay full attention to the concert. I was busy adjusting the camera (my stupid brother brought my own camera to HK despite I told him a million times not to! I ended up borrowing a camera from my friend and the camera ended up running out of battery in the midst of the 1st concert). In addition, even though I was sitting in the 1st row on the left hand side, our sight was blocked by one of the two cameras that were set up there to record the show. I had to watch the big screen for the most of the times (paying $118 to watch big screen!!! >,< >,< >,<).

Mr. Law introduced himself as the man behind a successful woman. He greeted the audience and talked with Liza je a little bit (blah blah blah...forget what). He said that Liza needed to listen to what he was going to sing. Zaza just rushed to the backstage replying "i don't want to hear, I don't want to hear" (it was part of their act). As expected, Mr. Law sang his all-time-favorite Marry song. After he finished, he said he "resembles a 4 dog". Mr. Law claimed that people "like to hear this song(yeah, right) and at the same time, like to see him fail on the proposal". He added, "if Liza says yes, I can't sing this song anymore."........Then...more BS on his tips/3從 theory on how to get/please a woman like zaza.....Then he sang a part of the Chinese opera song "萬惡淫為首"(if i remember the name correctly)....Then (reader: what? more then? Bliz: yes still not done with his part), Mr Law introduced a "guest" and the two sang Chinese opera song(s). That so called "guest" was a middled-age, slightly overweighted(from American weight standard) woman called Ms. Ng whom I think, is a fan/supporter of Mr. Law judging from her "lum face" & "bird voice" during her conversation with him. During his entire part, Mr.Law talked a lot of BS, but the audience seemed to be entertained. I heard the crowd laughed quite a few times. You could tell, from his voice, that he was not feeling well. In contrast, Zaza seemed to be fine. I guess Zaza's flu must have passed it to Mr. Law. My feeling, at this point, was like wtf becoz Mr.L appeared even longer than zaza!!! His part took at least 20 min while zaza, at that point, only appeared about 15min.

to be continued.....

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