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Loved and adored by many, Liza has been frequently referred to as the "Idol, Queen & Goddess" of people's hearts. Liza entered her 40th year in the entertainment industry in 2007, but Liza is showing no signs of slowing down, instead she hopes to continue bringing joy and satisfaction to the audiences all over the world. She is truly a diva handmade in heaven.

Friday, February 29, 2008
Atlantic City Concert Detail (Part 3)

At this time, my memory of AC concert day 1 started to fade away. The only thing left that I want to report on the 1st night concert is Liza's "bare" incident. The whole thing started when she sang the song " 舊夢不需記". When the band started to play the music (seriously, when I was listening, I had no clue of what song that was), she knitted her brows and cast an unfriendly stare at members of the band who were playing the guitars (in other words, she just "bare ju them"). She was very focus on her stare for a little while and then finally recognized the music. It was a bit late. She needed to slide through the first few words to catch up. Later when Zaza changed her clothes and came back up with the green dress to sing "明成皇后", she gave a quick stare at the band again. This time, they didn't play it wrong, but they did play it too slow. It was obvious that Liza didn't like that (by her close-to-black face). She sang the song in a faster tune, not following the music at all. The outcome was...(N). Same thing happened again when Zaza sang "美麗娛樂世界". She needed to sing faster to hint the band to play faster. (I bet Zaza gave a long speech to them after the concert) The next day, this issue was resolved. It was perfect except "千王群英會". The band seemed to play it too fast that Liza "mo mutt air" to sing that song.

The report for the 1st night concert ends here. As I mentioned before, I didn't pay full attention to the first one. Therefore, I probably omitted some details. However, I took quite a bit of notes in the next day. The concert was much better and a lot more "fun" things happened. Report will be posted soon. ^-^ be continued.....

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