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Sunday, May 18, 2008
Liza cries when performing "Courages Chinese", kissed by Sir Run Run Shaw

Translated by Jamie @

Last night, TVB held a charity show to raise funds for the earthquake victims in Sichuan Province, China. Many celebrities came forward to show their support.

Sir Run Run Shaw kissed Liza
At around 7.30, Sir Run Run Shaw and his wife arrived at the TVB studio. Although there were reports of him falling ill and was admitted into the hospital, he was very alert and healthy last night. He walked into the recording studio with Dr. Liza Wang and Stephen Chan's help. Stephen Chan said, "6th Uncle was out shopping earlier today and decided to come to the studio to show his support." When 6th Uncle arrived, Eric Tsang, Ah Lek and Kayi Cheung stepped forward to shake his hand. When Liza Wang extended hers, 6th uncle was exceptionally happy and even gave Liza a kiss. 6th Uncle only stayed around 10 minutes. 6th uncle donated HKD$100 million to the earthquake victims.

When Liza was performing "Courages Chinese", she could not hold back her tears as the reports and pictures of the earthquake victims flashed through her mind during her performance. Just over 10 days ago, everyone was so joyous when the Olympic Torch arrived in HK, but now, everyone is feeling the complete opposite. Liza also praised the volunteers and rescue team for their brave efforts. Liza also represented the "Ho Kit Ying foundation" to donate HKD$200,000. 8 Woh Association also donated HKD$100,000. Liza also collected a total of HKD$8000 from the cast and crew of "The Turbulence Of East & West 東關飄雨西關晴". Law Kar Ying also donated HKD$10,000.

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