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Loved and adored by many, Liza has been frequently referred to as the "Idol, Queen & Goddess" of people's hearts. Liza entered her 40th year in the entertainment industry in 2007, but Liza is showing no signs of slowing down, instead she hopes to continue bringing joy and satisfaction to the audiences all over the world. She is truly a diva handmade in heaven.

Sunday, May 11, 2008
Liza in a promotional event in Guangzhou

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Ah Jie & Ma Zai endured heat to earn extra income.

May 3rd. Liza Wang Ming Chun and Steven Ma Chun Wai attended a promotional event for a new residential development at Sun De, Guangzhou. Their first time collaboration had Ma Zai in good spirits. He saw at first hand Ah Jie’s serious attitude towards work, and felt that he had gained much from it.

Although the event was scheduled to commence at 10 am, they set off at 5 am from Hong Kong. After traveling for more than 2 hours or so, they finally reached their destination. Although the weather that day was extremely hot, and both were drenched in sweat, their zeal towards work was not dampen. After the opening ceremony, Ma Zai opened the show with his performance while Ah Jie closed it with hers. Ah Jie applauded Ma Zai’s performance frequently to show support. Later, Ah Jie commended Mai Zai, and said: “Haven’t seen him for quite a while, Ma Zai’s singing has improved greatly!” During the duration of Ah Jie’s performance, Ma Zai temporarily halted fans’ requests for autograph signing and picture taking, as a sign of respect to her. Furthermore, he also gallantly escored Ah Jie to and fro the stage platform.

Mai Zai commented that Ah Jie is a 100% professional artiste. “I’m very appreciative of this opportunity to collaborate. She has always been my idol. Her compliment towards my singing is a great encouragement to me.” Some fans got on stage to present floral bouquets to Ah Jie when she was singing 京华春梦, but so as not to affect her concentration, she waited until the end of the song to accept them. When receiving the flowers, she explained to the presenters and the audience of her feelings: “Please excuse me; it’s not that I don’t respect you but that I must respect this song and respect every one in the audience, therefore, only accepting flowers after the song is done."

When Ma Zai’s fans heard of his upcoming performance in Sun De, many traversed across the land from as far as Shanghai & Nanjing, putting in some 10 hours or more to support him, and to present flowers and gifts. Ma Zai was very touched by his fans’ support.

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