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Wednesday, May 6, 2009
More on wedding news

Liza Wang (Ah Jer) and Law Kar-ying had tied the knot in Las Vegas on 2nd May, ending their 20 year courting marathon. Ah Jer telephoned Stephen Chan, TVB general manager yesterday to tell him the good news. She also emailed her wedding pictures to her colleagues in TVB to announce to the media.

Yesterday Tsang Sing Ming, the foreign affairs assistant manager speaking on behalf of Liza announced her marriage to the media. On behalf of TVB, he congratulated her as well. He told reporters Liza sounded very happy on the phone and he was excited too. Although Liza is still on leave, she and Law kar-ying were performing in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Liza will be back in Hong Kong before 22nd for costume fitting for TVB new up coming series "The Queen Of The Office". Cast includes Ron Ng, Denise Ho, Chapman To, Linda Chung and Maggie Siu. Liza's wedding annoucement was a surprise for everyone in TVB, but they are all very happy for her.

Dodo Cheng, Liza's good friend was the first one to congratulate her. She phoned her straight away "I am so thrilled, Ah Jer is happy too. (What present are you planning to give her?) I will see what she likes first."

Louise Lee said "I am very happy for her, although I am a bit surprised because she never mentioned it before. I wonder if she wanted to surprise us?" Asked if she would give Liza a call, Louise said she would wait till Liza comes back.

Myolie Wu reckoned it's about time they got married because they have been together for so long. She joked that Kar-ying is the only person who can "sort her out". She is very happy for them, but she won't phone Liza. She will wait till they return to Hong Kong, than she would invite them for a meal. Myolie added "Ah Jer has lost weight when I saw her performance in theatre earlier on. I wonder if she was busy preparing for her wedding. She said to perform in theatre is one of her wishes, I think getting married is also one of her wishes."

Patrick Tse expressed "I congratulate them of course, but I thought they were already married because they have been together for such a long time. Marriage certificate is only a piece of paper. Kar-ying is the best candidate for Ah Jer. He is a nice guy, very educated and extremely talented, he is a good husband. They suited each other. I wish them all the best."

When the reporter phoned Deborah to tell her the good news, Deborah almost burst out with excitement "I am so happy. I wish them happiness for hundreds of years and loving each other forever and ever. I will discuss with my daughter Jennifer to decide what present to get , I want to get something special for them." Asked if Nicholas knew about the wedding, Deborah said he doesn't know yet because he is not in Hong Kong.

Lee Heung Kam just came back to Hong Kong from Los Angeles. When she heard about Liza's marriage, she sent them best wishes straight away. Reporter reminded her that Liza always gave people the impression that she wouldn't get married, is she surprised that Liza has got married? Lee Heung replied "Chinese are very traditional, you get married and you have a companion. (What present are you getting them?) I shall wait and see."

Source: Takungpao/Wenweipo/MingPao(image)
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