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Loved and adored by many, Liza has been frequently referred to as the "Idol, Queen & Goddess" of people's hearts. Liza entered her 40th year in the entertainment industry in 2007, but Liza is showing no signs of slowing down, instead she hopes to continue bringing joy and satisfaction to the audiences all over the world. She is truly a diva handmade in heaven.

Friday, May 1, 2009
Ron Ng feels pressure working with Liza

Ron Ng will be filming a new series with Liza Wang, he expressed that the pressure was high and that he would have to make to go to Bosco and Myolie for tips on how to make Liza always happy!

Ron attended a TVB Megalive show in Malaysia on the 25th of April and Ron will soon be starting to film his new series Queen of Office (Temporary name) with Liza. Ron expressed that working with Liza would be a lot of pressure so he should ‘never be late’.

Asked whether he would ask Myolie and Bosco on tips of how to make Liza happy? Ron immediately said without hesitation “Of Course! As long as you’re a good artist who isn’t late and doesn’t leave the set early and doesn’t take leave too often. I’ve heard that Liza loves obedient newcomers.”

Recently there have been rumours about Ron in Malaysia not being able to hold his head high as there were worms coming out from his nose. Ron expressed that these were just a joke and doesn’t know how these rumours came out. When the rumours came out a lot of friends took notice, as for this weird situation Ron said “I only treat these rumours as a joke because I don’t have to worry or get mad over them as they aren’t real. I wont reply to them nor will I go investigate it.” Asked whether these rumours would mean his friends will keep away from him? Ron said that his friends use these rumours to have a good laugh at but wont keep away from him because of this news.

Asked whether Ron would have any series to be released? Ron said that this year he would be leads in many series. Currently Rosy Business will be airing and he sung the theme song for it. Asked whether the EU crew would be part of Laughing’s new movie, Ron said “If they did, We (Me and Sammul) we wouldn’t be part of it as we wouldn’t have entered the Academy yet.”

Ron said later on this year TVB8 will have Gum Gong and Miriam Yeung along with TVB artists Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu and also Mainland stars Andrew Tan and Wan Chean will make up the TVB Mega Live concert in Genting held on the 11th of July.

Asked whether he would have to perform together with the other TVB artists? He said that the organizers thought that EU had left a deep impression on the audience and wanted Ron to perform on stage the “Past of Academy”. Andrew Tan also stated that he would like to do a comedy show with Bosco and Wan said that she would like to sing a duet with Myolie.

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