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Sunday, May 24, 2009
TVB new sitcom "Queen of the Office" Costume Fitting

TVB new sitcom "Queen of the Office" Costume Fitting

TVB's new sitcom "Queen of the Office" held its costume fitting yesterday. The cast includes Liza Wang, Denise Ho, Chapman To and Ron Ng. This is Liza's first time filming a sitcom and rarely collaborates with Chapman or Denise, it's a fresh feeling.

Liza who had just got married and immediately starting work, appeared at the press conference with a new hairstyle yesterday. After marriage, Liza seems to be in a good mood and prettier. She even constantly asked the Reporters how the new hairstyle looked. This time Liza will be playing a secretary and probably will not have to use brand name products or pretty clothes for filming. The series will start shooting at the end of this month (May). At first Liza thought that the filming process will be really hot and in the burning sun, but fortunately most of the filming will be done in the shopping centers, the series will be filming for 4 months.

Asked if she requested the Producer to let them off work on time to give her more time to spend at home? Liza smiled and said of course not. Asked if she has to cook at home? She laughed and said: "Of course I don't have to do that." But, Liza said that once she got back to Hong Kong, she hasn't seen Law Ka Ying yet because he's in Mainland working. Reporters said that Law Ka Ying hasn't seen her new hairstyle yet then? Liza said: "I told him about it, he told me to send a picture for him to look at, but I told him that I haven't put on make-up yet. He also said 'is it different from the wedding picture?' I told him if different, then its different because I'm an actress!"

Chapman To also plays a secretary in the series. He said: "I will be doing it together with Liza."

Denise admits filming series will earn more money
Earlier there was a report that stated because Denise's jobs were usually pushed back and that her record company is not earning enough profits, so she's filming with TVB, which is hard work, low pay but yet still have to do it. Yesterday Denise attended the costume fitting for new series and towards not earning enough money, so she has to film series, she admitted to this: "Yes! So everyone please provide a little more support for us and the entertainment industry because the economy is not doing well. Right now, make-up and setting my hair are usually done myself, so the report is absolutely correct."

Denise said that she has been absent from filming TV series for 10 years. Ten years ago, she was in"Anti-Crime Squad" (反黑先鋒). Asked if she has pressure filming with Liza Wang on her comeback series? Denise expressed that she's not too nervous about it, she is only worried about being late. Like yesterday, she was only able to arrive on time today, she used 4 alarm clocks, along with her two assistants sending her text messages and calling her. She laughed and said that in the future 4 months, she will have to bother her colleagues a lot!

This time in the series Denise plays a Manager and will often be blickering with Liza. She smiled and said that this is a huge challenge because usually when we see Liza, we are very respectful, but now she has to yell back at Liza. She laughed: "Are you all envious of me?" In the series, she will have love connections with Chapman To, making her feel weird because in the past Chapman was her father's student. She frankly said that she really rejects shooting intimate scenes with Chapman, she believes he feels the same.

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