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Thursday, June 25, 2009
> Liza Wang: I am older but I can handle it

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Liza Wang: I am older but I can handle it

Liza Wang, Denise Ho, Chapman To and Ron Ng etc attended the blessing ceremony for the new sitcom "The Queen of the Office" yesterday. Recent rumors claimed that Chapman found shooting his debut TVB series very tiring. It is said that he requested TVB to restrict his working hours to 12 hours per day. Liza Wang said "I am not clear about this, I only know that he isn't present at times. But I don't have such requests. My schedule is always full every day". (Would you request to cut down the hours?) "Shooting a series is like that, it's not too tiring either. If I really find it too much I would say something. Perhaps it's because he is a guest. I am older but I can handle it".

It is also the first time Liza, Chapman and Denise have worked together. Liza praised them for being on time and have comedy value.

Chapman didn't deny the 12 hour shift rumor. He stated that his working times and earnings are handled by his management. He will only care about his co-workers and the script. He said "I enjoy shooting this series. Let's not talk about other things. My health isn't as good as before, I am also getting older. When I get home from filming I feel very tired". (Liza said that she is older but she can handle it?) "This is the reason why Liza is so successful. I admire her abilities that's why I accepted to shoot this series".

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